Spring Publications

Wm. Samuel Bradford’s work will be published in two journals this Spring.

In March, Bradford’s short story, “The Little Duck” will appear in Issue #64 of Jersey Devil Press. Jersey Devil Press is a small independent publisher, born on the toll roads and raised in the diners of that great Garden State, revealing itself only to release a monthly online magazine of short fiction, publish the occasional novel or story collection, and, sometimes, if it’s feeling a little frisky, to write gratuitous run-on sentences and publicly decry the downfall of humanity that is Jersey Shore. The issue is available online.

On March 20, FLAPPERHOUSE will feature Bradford’s short story, “The David Foster Wallace Empathy Contest.” The journal claims to specialize in “surreal, shadowy, sensual, satirical lit. Dragging the future back through the past, like a rotting donkey on a grand piano.” The journal is available online or in print.