Bobby Jones Scholarship

Emory University senior, William Samuel Bradford, has been chosen to receive the Robert T. Jones Jr. Scholarship Award for a year of study at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. St. Andrews, founded in 1411, is Emory’s sister institution.

Widely known as the Bobby Jones Scholarship, the award was established in 1976 and recognizes individuals who will be excellent representatives of Emory at St. Andrews. Qualities required to fulfill this ambassadorship include intellectual excellence, a record of significant leadership and academic interests that can be pursued through the offerings at St. Andrews. The scholars receive full tuition and a travel stipend for their year of study. In addition, four St. Andrews students are chosen to spend a year at Emory.

Bradford, an English and chemistry major from Cumming, Ga., also received an associate’s degree from Emory’s Oxford College in 2006. He was awarded the Faculty Scholarship at Oxford and the Oxford Scholarship when he continued to Emory College. At St. Andrews, he plans to study literature. Bradford is a member of the executive board of the Literary Union and is a member of Emory’s wind ensemble and symphony orchestra.

Recipients are selected by a committee of faculty, administrators and trustees of the Robert T. Jones Committee as well as former Jones scholars. The late Bobby Jones, an internationally renowned golfer, was an Emory University School of Law alumnus remembered by those who knew him as an extraordinary man of rare loyalty, compassion and integrity. A new addition this year is the Robert T. Jones Jr. Fellowship, an award that covers tuition and provides a living stipend for one to four years of graduate work at St. Andrews that will be awarded each year to one graduating senior or graduate student with a record of intellectual excellence and academic interests that can be pursued at St. Andrews. Unlike the Bobby Jones Scholars, the fellows are required to earn a graduate degree. The inaugural fellow will be named in March.