2nd Annual David Foster Wallace Conference

Bradford will read his story “The David Foster Wallace Empathy Contest” at the 2nd Annual David Foster Wallace Conference, hosted by Illinois State University. May 27-29, 2015

With many great accomplishments during his life, David Foster Wallace could potentially have multiple conferences honoring him around the country. During his professional education career, he taught at three different universities, his longest stretch being at our very own Illinois State University. While he inspired his students in his creative writing courses, he continued to write and publish his own work. During his time at ISU, he published one of his most acclaimed novels Infinite Jest in 1991.

The DFW Conference is hosted by the English Department’s Publications Unit at Illinois State University. We bring in keynote speakers and authors from all over the world to discuss Wallace’s literary works, themes of his work, and the author himself.

Panels will be made up of submission of Original Creative Work, Scholarship of David Foster Wallace, and Scholarship of Contemporary Literature, Publishing, or Culture.